Posted 6/10/2014

LAS VEGAS – June 10, 2014 – Shelby American and Carroll Shelby Licensing, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Carroll Shelby International, Inc. (CSBI:PK), have signed agreements with Planet Shelby Cobra to create a new Shelby Mod Shop. The historic agreement will create a Mod Shop that will be a true centerpiece for what will become a “Shelby Super Center,” offering a complete line of vehicles, parts and merchandise from every era of Shelby history.

“Planet Shelby Cobra has been helping people realize the dream of owning a vintage Shelby car for more than 30 years,” said Stephen Becker, president of Planet Shelby Cobra. “Before his passing, Carroll and I discussed establishing a factory authorized Shelby Mod Shop to also serve modern car enthusiasts. Our ‘Shelby Super Center’ concept is designed to be the ultimate resource for anyone who wants a Shelby of any model year. Working with Joe Conway and Neil Cummings at Carroll Shelby International, we are turning that vision into reality.”

The new Shelby Super Center will be a truly unique experience. The heart of the operation will be the Mod Shop while a vehicle showroom speckled with Shelby cars of every generation and “Carroll Shelby’s Store” with licensed merchandise will round out the location. It will feature a broad range of items from newly designed apparel to memorabilia to limited edition “mechanics” shirts, hats and a line of women’s wear. Most of the stock is limited edition and not available anywhere else.

Authorized mod shops install genuine Shelby Performance Parts to improve the handling, styling and power of current generation V6 and V8 Ford Mustangs and Shelby vehicles. Components include upgraded brakes, superchargers, suspension components and cosmetic pieces such as hoods and fascias designed by Shelby American.

“Opening local mod shops means people far from Las Vegas won’t have to ship their vehicle to Nevada for modification,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American and co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “Offering local installation of authentic SPP components, as well as customizing services, will serve these customers and fuel our global expansion in a smart, efficient manner.”

After intensive training by the Shelby factory team, Planet Shelby Cobra’s Mod Shop will begin installing parts and packages for the 2007-2014 Ford Shelby GT500, 2005+ Ford Mustangs, 2005-2006 Ford GT, 2007-2008 Shelby GT, Ford Focus and Ford Raptor. The rest of the Shelby Super Center will focus on selling, servicing and buying 1960's era Shelby vehicles.

“Stephen Becker is a serious enthusiast and a successful businessman who really understands the Shelby brand,” said Neil Cummings, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing and co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “Combining his track record and Shelby’s outstanding products will give people the opportunity to fulfill their high octane dreams.”

A location for the Shelby Super Center and Mod Shop is currently being chosen. Its location will be announced shortly; the facility is expected to open later this year.

“We dubbed it the 'Shelby Super Center' because it will be the only location in the world to service, buy or sell any Ford-powered vehicle that wears a Shelby badge,” added Becker. “We’ll help collectors buy or sell a 1960’s era Shelby GT350 or GT500. We will deliver or service a genuine Shelby 289 or 427 continuation Cobra. We’ll serve modern Shelby, Raptor, Ford GT and Mustang owners who want to enhance the performance of their vehicle. And our store will offer an incredible depth of fresh authorized products.”

About Planet Shelby Cobra

Planet Shelby Cobra is the most trusted resource for buying and selling genuine Shelbys today. In the business for over 30 years, experts at Planet Shelby Cobra have access to unlimited contacts, databases and insider information that can help enthusiasts buy or sell a Shelby Cobra or Shelby Mustang at the best possible price. The company is opening an authorized Mod Shop and Carroll Shelby’s Store. Led by Stephen Becker, a well-known and respected Shelby expert, Planet Shelby Cobra offers premium customer service, unmatched experience and historically correct documentation for each vehicle sold. More information is available at

About Shelby American, Inc. and Carroll Shelby Licensing

Founded by legend Carroll Shelby, Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products. The company builds authentic continuation Cobras, including the 427 S/C, 289 FIA and 289 street car component vehicles; it offers the Shelby 1000, GT350, GT500 Super Snake and GTS post-title packages for the current generation Ford Mustang. Shelby American also builds the Shelby Raptor muscle truck and Shelby Focus ST hot hatch. For more information, visit Shelby American is a division of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK). Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., also a wholly owned division, is the exclusive holder of Carroll Shelby's trademarks and vehicle design rights. It also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. Information is at

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